The SR Law Group was formed to protect real property title rights of owners, lenders, borrowers, title insurers, HOA’s, and lien holders. The legal focus of this protection may involve litigation in state court, U.S. District court, or Bankruptcy Court. Oft times, the protection may lead to mediation, informal or formal. Legal representation of the client in clearing title in real property is the very purpose of “Dirt Law.” Occasionally, successful appellate experience is required. That same legal representation should accomplish that task as expediently as possible with a view to any future potential issues that may arise.

The SR Law Group brings pragmatic insight, imagination, and a stellar work ethic to the representation of clients. Because lawyers are trained to analyze potential scenarios in a legal context, these same skills allow representation to move directly to the resolution of the issue presented expediently and with the best use of resources available. This is how The SR Law Group is trained and how it operates.

Edward D. Russell leads The SR Law Group. His legal background over the last 30 years has led him through extensive litigation covering real property ownership protection, priority and title issues, contract litigation, foreclosure litigation, class-action defense, bad-faith title insurance defense, and creditor asset-protection rights. Mr. Russell navigates through state, federal, bankruptcy and appellate courts with equal success.

The SR Law Group’s work ethic is why its people work diligently to grow client relationships. Our clients stay with us because of the experience, knowledge, expertise, track record in and out of court, and our reputation for integrity and client satisfaction. A close working relationship between attorney and client is essential to quality legal services; The SR Law Group treats clients with the respect they deserve, and that respect is returned. Should our skills fit your legal needs, please contact The SR Law Group to assist you.